Book Cover Winners

posted Nov 19, 2013, 11:48 AM by
Congratulations to all our Book Cover Winners! Each student drew a picture of a favorite book cover. Two winners were chosen from each class! Winners got to go to the library and pick out a free book! Winning covers are on display on the Library bulletin board.

Young - Caitlyn Roach, Will Gillispie
Hodges - Toby Karr, Elizabeth Tolliver
Altice - Elana LaPradd, Boone Lynch
Davis - Jerzey Jones, Emma Keith
Morrow - Muna Seagle, Carmen Taylor
Wetzel - Maddie Caron, Isaiah Martinez
Lester - Derek Cortes, Seanna Farber
Barnes - Jordan Bernard, Dylan Hodges
Hall - Cameron Taylor, Catie Altice
Lynch - Kelsey Jones, Madi Moore
Bowles - Lora Altice, Damian Saint Vincent
Dillon - Hunter Radford, Marianne Alcorn
Conner - Keira Realmuto, Jocelyn Routt
Short - (3 Way Tie) Chandler Drake, Jesus Castro, Caleb Henderson
Walker - Corbin Bower, Emma Chaudet
Payne - Gaby Gudiel, Gavin Beckner
Stubbs - (3 Way Tie) Ralph Dignazio, Taylor Anderson, Keely Barkovich
Wright - Jaden Bernard, Emma Montgomery